Not Everyone Washes After Using the Restroom – But We’re Getting Better

Studies show that not everyone washes their hands after using public restrooms. Aren’t you glad you carry PURELL® Hand Sanitizer?

Be careful when you touch that doorknob. Not everyone washes after using the restroom.

The good news? 85% of us wash our hands after using public restrooms. Unfortunately, 15% don’t. While handwashing rates have increased over the years, there are still too many germ spreaders who don't wash. Remember, they touch the same doorknobs, shopping carts, escalator rails and tabletops as you.

These survey results came out in 2010, when the American Society for Microbiology and the American Cleaning Institute® hired a research firm to observe people washing their hands after using public restrooms.

Or not.

While the good news is that only 15% don't wash, the bad news is you have no way of knowing who is included in that category.  That’s one reason PURELL Hand Sanitizer comes in pocket- and purse-size bottles that are good for a quick, refreshing clean up when you’ve touched surfaces touched by those too-quick-to-exit restroom users.

Only PURELL Brand can give you the kind of reassurance you need in a world where common sense and proper hand hygiene don’t always go hand in hand.