Free PURELL For Your School

School systems today face conflicting challenges.

They know how easily germs spread and want to take action to promote wellness. At the same time, they struggle with balancing tight budgets. Only PURELL has the solution.

GOJO, the makers of PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer, offers a full range of foam-style hand soaps for schools. From now until 12/31/2014, when your school system purchases 100 cases of GOJO foam soap they can qualify to receive 10 cases of FREE PURELL! That’s an easy target for most school systems to achieve, and when they do, they'll earn enough PURELL to sanitize the hands of 480 busloads of children!

Once your school system achieves its initial goal it can continue to earn FREE PURELL throughout the promotion period. Each additional 10 cases of GOJO foam soap will earn your school an additional case of FREE PURELL.

Tell Your School!

Spread the word so your school system can take advantage of the FREE PURELL offer. Download our flyer, “Earn FREE PURELL for Your School” and share it with your school administrator today!