Will You Teach Your Kids to Handshake?

While 74 percent of American parents believe that their children should learn to properly shake hands when or before they start school, one in four parents have discouraged their kids from conducting the traditional handshake. Why?


Findings from a recent survey commissioned by PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer revealed that about 40 percent of Americans—nearly 92 million people—have hesitated to extend a friendly hand on account of the possibility of catching germs. In fact, a significant slice of the U.S. population admits to being very concerned about germs.

Here’s who’s the most concerned about germs, by generation group:

  • 21 percent of Baby Boomers (born 1945-1964)
  • 27 percent of Generation X (mid-1960s thru late 1970s)
  • 45 percent of Millennials, or Generation Y (mid 1970s - )

No wonder many now use the fist bump.

However, there are times when the more traditional greeting is the right move to make. Or when it would be awkward to avoid a handshake even if you wanted to. That’s one more reason to keep PURELL Instant Hand Sanitizer near at hand.

Only on-the-go Brand Instant Hand Sanitizer, carried in your pocket or purse, leaves you confident to extend or receive a heartfelt handshake whenever the occasion arises.