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Proper Hand Hygiene is one of the best ways for employees to stay  healthy and for a workplace to remain productive. Use these resources to keep Health at Hand all year. Find out more at GOJO.com.

Illness Outbreaks | Learn More
GOJO, maker of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer, is committed to protecting public health and offering information from experts when outbreaks occur. Use the links below for information and updates on emerging or evolving outbreaks, as well as preventive health recommendations.


Debunking Myths | Learn More

GOJO Scientist Jim Arbogast, Ph.D. addresses these most common myths about hand sanitizers with information you can use and share:


Fighting Germs | Learn More

Know the enemy and you'll have a better chance of fighting them. Here are some interesting facts you may not have realized about germs.


Reducing Sick Days | Learn More

Work and learn in an environment of health and well being. Here are some significant results that have been achieved with the help of PURELL.