Reducing Sick Days

Study Reports Student Handwashing Behavior

This school study reports student handwashing behavior over a 4 week period.

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The Effect of a Comprehensive Handwashing Program on Absenteeism in Elementary Schools

Hand hygiene education is significant.

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Send the Kids to School with a Mini Health Kit

The kids are going back to school and you know what that means: the great annual germ exchange will commence.




Free PURELL For Your School! 

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Providing PURELL® Hand Sanitizer to Employees Led to 20% Fewer Sick Days

Think about how much more you accomplish at work when you’re healthy—and how much you miss when you’re not there.

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University of Colorado Achieves Significant Results in PURELL® Test

College students do their best to achieve academic excellence. But keeping up with their professors’ high expectations can be difficult, if not impossible, when they miss class due to sickness. According to one published study, 36 percent of college students said that illness affected their academic performance.

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PURELL® Hand Sanitizer Can Help School Kids Achieve Fewer Sick Days

As any teacher will tell you, the first step to success in school is showing up. Studies show PURELL helps reduce absenteeism due to illness.

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