PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Naturals Gel

28 fl oz Pump Bottle 4 Ct Open Stock Cs

This refreshing gel hand sanitizer is infused with essential oils and made with naturally renewable ethanol.

  • PURELL® is America's #1 hand sanitizer, and uses the same proven formula that's used and trusted in hospitals(1) to help families stay healthy
  • PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills more than 99.99% of most illness-causing germs without damaging skin²
  • Our scientists created patented formulas with moisturizers & skin conditioners to keep hands feeling soft, even after repeated use
  • Meets the USDA Certified BioBased requirements for renewable ingredients
  • PURELL® Naturals Hand Sanitizer is free of triclosan, parabens and preservatives



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2. BioScience Laboratories, Inc., Bozeman, MT, USA; 091106-201 & 170116-201, 19 October 2010 & 24 March 2017.