Now a healthier soap* from the brand you trust to help stop the spread of germs.


Cleans and nourishes

Washing hands with soap and water is one of the best ways to help prevent the spread of germs. But regular soaps can leave your skin dry, damaged – and vulnerable to contaminants and harmful germs. 

HEALTHY SOAP™ gently removes dirt and germs from hands, while nourishing skin with natural moisturizers. Our HEALTHY SOAP™ with Natural Moisturizers nourishes while cleaning to support your skin's natural ability to protect against dirt and germs. The result is naturally healthy hands. 

HEALTHY SOAP works in 2 ways:


  • Its gentle formulation cleans and washes away dirt without harsh chemicals.

  • It supports the condition of your skin's moisture barrier with natural moisturizers.


Here's why it’s better

Now the #1 trusted hand sanitizer brand is offering the same care and protection in new HEALTHY SOAP products.

All of the HEALTHY SOAP™ products are triclosan and paraben-free. Featuring light, natural fragrances and a no-string formula, they’re also pleasant to use and keep kitchens, bathrooms, break rooms and reception areas – just to name a few – free from messy soap residue on surfaces. 

*SCS #2016-08-I10530 Hydration Study