When everyone’s healthy, things run smoothly. But when a family member gets sick, it can be costly. Staying home to take care of sick kids, running to doctor’s appointments and going to the store to fill a prescription all make your schedule even more hectic. And sharing that same illness on the job makes it hard on your “work family” too.



Creating a culture of health by offering PURELL™ products to family and coworkers can help keep people healthy and productive. In fact, in a recent study on the effectiveness of hand hygiene in the workplace, the PURELL ADVANCED WORKFORCE SOLUTION led to a 24% reduction in healthcare claims tied specifically to hand-hygiene preventable illnesses, a 13% reduction in absenteeism and had a positive impact on employee morale. 

So what does that mean for you and your family? It means that using PURELL™ products makes a difference! By making hand hygiene part of your routine – at work, at home or on the go – you can help reduce the spread of germs. And by reducing the spread of germs, you can stay healthier and spend less time taking care of runny noses and upset stomachs, and more time taking care of business.  



The proven germ-fighting power of PURELL™ products can help reduce the spread of germs. So wherever you are, choose the brand that millions trust to kill 99.99% of most harmful germs that can make you sick.